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Resonance-Journal of Science Education


Computer based activity to understand proper acceleration using the Rindler observer.

Gervit Kumar Trehan

Using elementary knowledge of Special Relativity, we design a computational classroom experiment in excel and python to show that any inertial observer B with an arbitrary speed u is associated with a unique event E along the worldline of Rindler observer R. The inertial observer B records the velocity of R to be non-zero at every instant except at this unique E where it is co-moving with R. At this event, B records a minimized distance to R and a maximized acceleration of R along its worldline. Students grasp the concept of proper acceleration when they realize that though an inertial observer measures variable local acceleration but this maxima is the same for all inertial observers. Parameterizing the Rindler velocity by proper time we graphically present the concept of time dilation.

NEP-DSC3 : PHC-103: Waves & Oscillations

Syllabus, List of Experiments and Brief Description. 

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